Trifo reveals Ironpie smart robot vacuum

24 août 2023 - Gadget Geek
Trifo reveals Ironpie smart robot vacuum

It is an inescapable fact of life where we all need to maintain the cleanliness of our homes and workspaces, otherwise time and dust will find a way to make a mess of things if left all by themselves. With many of us already having a challenging time at work, returning home would mean decompressing, and the thought of additional housework can prove to be overwhelming. Why not let the wonders of home automation help you out with the Ironpie smart robot vacuum from Trifo?

A robotic vacuum cleaner is not something that is new or groundbreaking in the market as they have been around for quite a number of years already, but it does seem as though there is still much room for improvement in this area. Trifo’s effort with the Ironpie underlines such a distinction: by introducing additional AI-enabled capabilities that go beyond cleaning while helping lower the cost of entry in order to make it more affordable to the masses.

What makes the Ironpie smart robot vacuum different from the rest of the market? For starters, it has an elevated degree of intelligence. The Ironpie will rely on proprietary TIRVS (Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System) that has been paired with the world’s smallest, lowest power and most efficient Armv8-A quad-core processor. This unique tag team effort delivers high performance levels alongside cost efficiency when it comes to sensing, perception, and decision.

In addition, it is able to achieve 10% more efficiency compared to competing robot vacuums by using a zig zag cleaning mode and optimized cleaning route. The Ironpie is able to identify different areas that have not been cleaned yet, repositioning itself in order to clean other areas without having to go through redundancy. Fully capable of sensing obstacles as well, the Ironpie’s multi-sensory system will help keep your fine furniture safe from knocks, while you can also use it as a camera to check out what’s going on at home via the Ironpie app. All of this for $299 apiece surely makes the Ironpie smart robot vacuum a decent gamble for the overworked homeowner who would like some respite from housework.

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