very sophisticated scam hijacks FBI's own phone number

8 février 2020 - Non classé
very sophisticated scam hijacks FBI's own phone number

The FBI regularly issues alert messages to warn Americans of cyber threats. On the other hand, it is a little less common for crooks to decide to usurp the identity of the American police. However, this is the process currently used by a gang of cybercriminals with a very well-established mode of action. Among their preferred targets, we find the youngest but also the elderly.

Concretely, a victim receives a call from the FBI headquarters telephone number (202-324-3000). This immediately brings great credibility to the interlocutor posing as an agent. The false investigator then explains that her social security number has been suspended and that she must act immediately to be able to recover it as soon as possible.

Other types of scams are growing

He is asked to make a payment that will resolve the situation and that is when the scam comes to an end and the scammer disappears. You could say that it’s a bit big for walking but a lot of people are being tricked. The FBI number and the persuasiveness of cybercriminals seem to be working quite well.

The federal police say that even if their number is displayed " no law enforcement officer will ask money directly from a member of the public . "

Already last week, the FBI had sounded the alarm against another very popular type of scam: Internet job scams. The urgency is very real since scams of this type have multiplied in the United States last year. The average amount of money stolen from victims is now even $ 3,000. As with phone scams, law enforcement urges internet users to be vigilant and asks them to always be wary when asked for money.

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