its 4500 mAh battery is synonymous with a shock autonomy?

21 septembre 2018 - smartphones
its 4500 mAh battery is synonymous with a shock autonomy?

At a time when many manufacturers prefer the finesse for their smartphones, Energizer prefers to stand out by models a little less compact but equipped with high capacity batteries.

At the last MWC show, the brand was particularly impressed with its Energizer PowerMax P16K Pro, a device equipped with a 16000 mAh battery.

So we were a little disappointed when Energizer offered us to test the PowerMax P600s, a smartphone with a battery of "only" 4500 mAh. But the promise of a very beautiful autonomy has however reassured us. After all, the Asus Zenfone Zoom S with a barely larger battery of 5000 mAh was a true endurance champion with over 20h measured in our "versatile" test.

A beautiful screen, average performance

The P600s is a mid-range smartphone equipped with a MediaTek Helio P25 processor. It sports a large full HD + 6-inch screen, convincing thanks to excellent brightness (529 cd / m2) and a very good contrast ratio (1470: 1). The design of the mobile leaves us more skeptical. The device, quite impressive in hand, favors the all plastic even if it benefits from a carbon effect. The set is not very qualitative while the price of P600s varies between 349 euros (32 GB) and 449 euros (64 GB). Moderately powerful, this Power Max works with a very dated version of Android (7.0) and does not offer a very fluid navigation. In photo, the quality is, unsurprisingly, satisfactory day but disappointing at night. In other words, the Energizer PowerMax P600s is not up to our expectations, nor its price.

But with a brand that sounds like a guarantee of performance in the field of endurance, it is especially on this ground that we expect the P600s. Promise held?

4500 mAh, for that?

With a battery so high capacity, everything let us think that this model Energizer would be in the first places of our ranking of the most enduring smartphones. According to the measurements of our lab, the PowerMax P600s delivers an excellent versatile autonomy of 12:36 … which unfortunately remains far from our hopes.
In comparison, a device like the OnePlus 6 (3300 mAh) reaches 12:57, a Galaxy A6 + (3500 mAh) 14:46, and a Caterpillar Cat S61 (4000 mAh) 17:49.

When measuring its communication autonomy, the PowerMax P600s, on the other hand, showed up, with an excellent result of 32h14. Only downside, it shows in this area only 6 minutes apart with the Galaxy A6 +, equipped with a "small" battery of 3500 mAh, and offers a better experience.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a smartphone for its high endurance, we will not recommend this model Energizer, even if his is in this case quite correct. Instead, prefer mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy A6 + (369 euros) or the Redmi Note 5 Xiaomi (199 euros), with much higher autonomies for better performance and a lower price depending on models.

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